Meet Charlotte Emily, a local fashion maven deeply connected to Amsterdam's vibrant fabric. She's at the forefront of shaping conversations within the fashion industry through her recently launched podcast, BRAND NEWS.

In this exclusive series we catch up with fashion enthusiast Charlotte to discuss her favourite local spots for shopping, dining, drinking and exploring in Amsterdam.

With a passion for unravelling the intricate layers of the fashion industry, Charlotte endeavours to inspire and educate her audience on the myriad job opportunities within this dynamic realm, all while dissecting the latest and most relevant fashion news. Deeply intertwined with her love for Amsterdam—a city that symbolises endless possibilities, encourages the pursuit of dreams, and ignites a spark of creativity that fuels Charlotte's relentless journey.

Originally hailing from Weesp, a quaint town nestled within the Amsterdam municipality, Charlotte's connection with the city is not just geographical but a profound part of her identity. Having made the bold move to the North of Amsterdam nine years ago, she witnessed the neighbourhood's transformation from an overlooked enclave to a thriving hub, now a sought-after destination with a distinct identity.

“Wherever I go, when I see 'Amsterdam' on road signs, I feel happy. It represents endless possibilities and pushes me to chase my dreams," she confesses. The city's beauty and creativity act as a constant inspiration, pushing Charlotte to always dream bigger.

At The July, we believe in finding that perfect mix of work and play, where everything seems doable. What things, activities or habits have you created in your life to keep that perfect balance?

There’s a big field with lots of horses right by where I live, and I often take my dog for long walks around that area. I have a slight obsession with reading books and really make time to do so. Every year I set a challenge on the GoodReads app—this year my challenge is 30 books. I’m almost there!

What is your favourite moment of the day?

The first coffee in the morning and the first wine in the evening! 

From how we design a space to who we work with, everything we do is deliberate. Because the devil’s in the detail, and that’s where true quality lies. What is true quality to you?

I’m really sensitive to spaces, colours and sounds. I need to feel good about how I can move through a space, what colours I see and what sounds I hear. In terms of quality; anything which is made with love. That goes for food, coffee, books, but also brands, companies, and indeed hotels. 


7:30 AM - 8:30 AM: Breakfast with a View: Pompet in Noorderpark

Charlotte's go-to breakfast spot involves a scenic walk around Noorderpark, with a pitstop at Pompet for a comforting coffee and croissant.

8:30 AM - 10:00 AM:  Market Magic: Lindengracht Markt in de Jordaan

Hosting dinners becomes a delight with fresh finds from Lindengracht Markt, especially the Italian stall towards the end and Sate Bar Charley.


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM: Fashion Finds at Nho Girl and Carmen

Navigating the world of fashion, Charlotte explores some vintage design  at Nho Girl, revelling in the unique pieces and expert styling tips. Carmen is also one to not miss out on with its curated selection of unique and memorable pieces. Intriguingly, she leans towards the Men's department for inspiration, particularly drawn to the one-of-kind offerings at Oallery on Nieuwe Spiegelgracht.

11:30 AM - 1:00 PM: Stationary Dreams and Dutch Interior Delights

In pursuit of stationary treasures, Charlotte's go-to destination is Misc on Elandsgracht. Their inspiring array of products, coupled with the elusive DO books series, makes this spot a perfect source for creative inspiration.

Charlotte's love for Dutch interior elegance is manifested at Casa Gitane, where lamps and crockery become artistic expressions.

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM: Cultural Pursuits with a shot of coffee

For a literary escape, Charlotte gravitates towards the American Bookstore, drawn by the allure of its stair-lined charm. Acknowledging her British heritage, she also finds sanctuary in the vast shelves of Waterstones.

For a coffee fix, make a heartwarming stop at Bruno's in de Jordaan. Their affectionate touch in crafting each cup reflects the love she seeks in her coffee breaks.


3:00 PM - 4:30 PM: Acupuncture Oasis: Yuan Qi in the North

Swearing by the healing powers of acupuncture, Charlotte finds some me-time at Yuan Qi in the North, specifically located at Elzenhagensingel 483. This therapeutic haven offers a healing touch that resonates with Charlotte's holistic approach to well-being.

4:30 PM - 6:00 PM: A Scented Oasis

What better way to extend some me-time by picking up some of your favourite smells. Delving into scent, Charlotte prefers burning incense, particularly the luxurious Murasaki Aromatique Incense from Aesop.

6:00 PM -  21:00 PM   Dinner Delights with Friends or Romantic Evenings

As Hotel de Goudfazant's self-proclaimed biggest fan, Charlotte cherishes the culinary experiences shared with friends in this unique establishment. Looking for something a bit more special? For intimate dinners, Charlotte recommends the romantic ambiance and exceptional cuisine of Toscanini.

21:00 PM - 12:00 AM Relaxed Drinks at Tolhuistuin: A Summer Oasis

Tolhuistuin, with its relaxed atmosphere and delightful drinks, holds a special place in Charlotte's heart. The open garden and live concerts make it a go-to spot, especially in the summer.

Made it a little late last night? Post-Night Out Comfort Food at JWO

After a night out, the quest for a satisfying sandwich leads Charlotte to JWO on Tweede Goudsbloemdwarsstraat 1. The opening hours, from 8.30 to 5, accommodate the varied vibes of her evenings, ensuring a delightful post-night-out treat.

There's more to come – more stories, more insights, and more of Amsterdam's cool allure. Join us as we dive deeper into the cultural richness and untold stories of the cities of The July, unlocking its secrets one adventure at a time. Until then, let Charlotte's curated day be your guide to discovering the little gems of Amsterdam.

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