Amsterdam: the perfect destination for your ‘working remotely’ adventures

Let us show you why Amsterdam is the perfect place for your next ‘working-remotely’ adventure

Welcome to Amsterdam, digital nomads!

When we think about working remotely, we often picture ourselves in our pyjamas, sipping coffee while sitting in the comfort of our homes. But what if we told you there’s a city that takes the remote work experience to a whole new level? Welcome to Amsterdam, digital nomads! Let us show you why Amsterdam is the perfect place for your next ‘working-remotely’ adventure! Here we go.

The cultural capital that never sleeps
Amsterdam is a city that refuses to snooze. Whether it's the lively hum of bicycles in the morning or the soft whisper of canal waters at night, it's a city that energizes and inspires. A city known for its beautiful canals, quirky architecture, and lively nightlife. And yes, famous for its rich art scene, countless museums, amazing food festivals, restaurants and wealthy history.

Work-life balance: Amsterdam style
And when it comes to work-life balance, Amsterdam gets it right. The Dutch are renowned for their "Work Hard, Play Hard" philosophy. So, while you're clocking in those hours and smashing through your to-do list, remember that a vibrant city full of unique experiences is right outside your doorstep. It's like an amusement park for grown-ups (outdoor bars with a sunny terrace included)!

Magnet for digital nomads
There's a secret ingredient that makes Amsterdam perfect for remote work: connectivity. Whether it's the lightning-fast internet or efficient public transportation, everything is designed to keep you connected. So, it's no wonder that this city is a magnet for digital nomads from all corners of the world. Plus, everyone speaks English, so it’s also easy to connect with the locals.

Welcoming the world (one expat at a time)
Amsterdam is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. It's a city that warmly welcomes expats and ensures they feel right at home. With a thriving international community, you'll never feel like a stranger here. It's diversity that not just tolerates, but celebrates differences. This is the perfect place to be yourself!

Relocating for work?
Wondering where you'll be staying during your Amsterdam adventure? Check out our luxurious apartment-hotels! Not just a room with a bed. More a spacious home with all the comforts you crave. Generously sized and pleasingly decorated, and all with enough space to switch from work to play. Everything you want from a spacious apartment. We offer varying apartment types per hotel.

Get to know the city – your way

We believe that everyone should experience Amsterdam in their own unique way. Whether you’re a foodie, a history buff, or a nature lover, we're here to guide you. We love to help you explore the city and find your fav spots. Our team is here for recommendations and tasteful tips!

Experience the perfect blend of work & leisure
Our aparthotel provides the perfect blend of work and leisure. After a productive day of work, take one of our bikes for a ride along the charming lanes, indulge in some world-famous Dutch cheese, or simply enjoy the sunset from your apartment window. Whether you're planning a short trip or a long stay, let our aparthotel be your home, your office, and your gateway to everything that this beautiful city has to offer. 

So here’s to a new chapter of your work life, full of bikes, tulips, and canals, of adventures waiting around every corner, and a vibrant aparthotel community to share it all with. Welcome to your Amsterdam adventure. We can’t wait to meet you!

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