Fav rooftop bars & outdoor cinemas in Lisbon

Up for a night under the stars? Experience Lisbon from above with its enchanting rooftop bars and magical outdoor cinemas.

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Imagine sipping a perfectly mixed cocktail amidst the evening breeze in Portugal’s sun-kissed capital. Or watching a film with a historic cityscape and a blanket of stars as your backdrop. Ready to explore Lisbon’s charming rooftop bars and open-air cinemas? Here we go!

Sky Bar
Located on top of the Tivoli Avenida Liberdade Lisboa Hotel, Sky Bar gives you a panoramic view of lively Lisbon. The sunset here is not to be missed, colouring the sky in vibrant hues as the city below starts to light up. Try their signature cocktail, Sky Sunset. It's a mix of vodka, passion fruit, and a little chilli pepper, and it's as exciting as Lisbon itself. 

A hidden garden: PARK
Go to the top of a seemingly ordinary parking garage and discover PARK, a rooftop bar combining city vibes with luscious greenery. With a panoramic view of the old town and the Tagus River, it's a favourite for the city’s young, lively crowd. Try their Basil Smash, a fresh gin drink that pairs delightfully with the view, especially as the sun slowly sets.

Topo Chiado
Topo Chiado is located near the historic Convento do Carmo and offers a sweeping gaze over the downtown area and the iconic São Jorge Castle. Choose their Pisco Sour to go with your star-gazing, a smooth drink that goes well with the old ruins nearby.

Cine Society
When the summer breeze gently touches the city, Lisbon’s outdoor cinemas give a one-of-a-kind experience, blending classic movies with the quiet, enchanting sounds of the city at night. Cine Society is not bound to one location but rather transforms various iconic spots into cinematic experiences. Imagine watching an old favourite with the well-known 25 de Abril Bridge illuminated in the background. Arrive early to secure the best spot, and don’t forget to bring a cosy blanket for those cooler evenings.

Black Cat Cinema
With 5 different locations, Black Cat Cinema is dedicated to creating unforgettable experiences of the greatest films ever. Best enjoyed with drinks in-hand, and a friend or two to whisper with. The popcorn will be freshly-popped all night long, the bar will be fully stocked, and they work with some of the best, locally produced, food vendors in town. So, you can relax with a proper drink and a bite to eat while watching the sun go down.

Hotel Mundial
On the ninth floor of this four-star hotel you'll find an extraordinary rooftop bar. Here you can enjoy a delicious cocktail (or mocktail) while overlooking the Tagus River, Baixa Pombalina and São Jorge Castle! Tip: in summer, you can enjoy ‘Sunset parties’ at this rooftop bar.

Whether it’s the clinking of cocktail glasses at a rooftop bar or the soft whispers of cinematic dialogues at an open-air movie, Lisbon’s nights are truly special. Cheers to unforgettable memories under Lisbon's magical night sky!

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