In conversation with Stephanie Knoors

Meet Stephanie Knoors, co-owner of Workmode. Read female-focused co-working spaces around the Netherlands. Her mission? To strengthen the position of women in the (business) landscape

In this exclusive series we catch up with Stephanie Knoors (co-owner of Workmode) about career growth and insights on how she navigates through life and finds the perfect balance between work and play.

After working in various agencies, Stephanie Knoors found purpose partnering with Emilie Sobels, founder of Workmode. Following The Self-Made Summit's success, Emilie invited her to be a business partner. Now, they're turning dreams into reality at Workmode, driven by a shared commitment to empowerment.

Having always lived and worked in Apeldoorn, Stephanie experienced a shift due to her involvement with Workmode and the Summit. The necessity to be in Amsterdam frequently led her to recognize the importance of building a network in the city. Consequently, she and her partner decided to explore rental options in Amsterdam. They now reside in a delightful place on the Brouwersgracht, seamlessly blending life in Amsterdam with their roots in Apeldoorn—a perfect amalgamation of the best of both worlds.

At The July, we believe in finding that perfect mix of work and play, where everything seems doable. What things, activities, or habits have you incorporated into your life to maintain that perfect balance?

It is extremely difficult for me to keep a good balance. As an entrepreneur I am always busy with 'something'. But, I try to keep balance by exercising regularly, at fixed times. These moments are sacred to me. I also really enjoy cooking and organising dinners, which really helps me clear my head. And my boyfriend and I are real catering enthusiasts: eating in restaurants, having drinks at the pub around the corner - we love it.

What is the most fun part of your life?

I think it's incredibly special that I get to meet so many special women. I see that as an unprecedented privilege: every week I talk to women who are further along in their careers than me or who have set up a company that I greatly admire. This always helps me and inspires me enormously.

And what is something of it, you don’t love but found ways to work around it anyway?

The administration. That's really not my strong point. My tip: find a good accountant. And a business partner who is good with Excel ;-).

What is one thing you cannot travel without?

I always take my skincare routine with me. That gives me the feeling of 'being at home' and is really a bit of self care.

The July is driven by a spirit of entrepreneurship - always listening, learning, and expanding opportunities. What are some of the biggest lessons you have learned while travelling?

I have learned that everything is 'liquid'. You can plan anything, but the best things happen when you open yourself up to all the impressions that come your way. This is often the case with entrepreneurship: set out the big picture and continue to enjoy the journey and everything that comes your way.

Whatever your reason is for checking into The July, we’ve got a space and spot to suit every mood and moment of your day. What is your favourite moment of the day?

Definitely the morning: every day you can start again with things that you like or find important. So in the morning I often write down what I want and need to do, I look at my agenda and decide what I want to put extra emphasis on. Isn't it a nice idea that you have the opportunity to do something you like every day? These can be very small things: for example, telling myself that I will get a coffee before I go to the office. If you appreciate those little things, even the days with many meetings are a lot of fun.

Describe your perfect morning. What is your ritual?

My boyfriend and I always get up together and drink a cup of coffee while watching the news. We take a shower, I do my skincare routine and makeup and then we both head out. I often get a coffee on the way to the office and then get to work nice and early. This allows me to get rid of work before the rest of the team arrives. And on Mondays and Fridays we exercise together in the morning with a personal trainer. I almost never skip those moments.

If you had just had a little more time, what would you pick up again?

I think about this very often: I would like to play the piano again. I have had piano lessons for many years from a young age and would love to take it up again.

And, to wrap it up, is there anything exciting coming up that you are looking forward to?

The Self-Made Summit. I'm sorry, but this is shameless self-production: but on May 23, 2024 we are organizing an anniversary edition of our business event for ambitious women in Amsterdam. There will be 750 women, there will be more than 40 inspiring women on stage: it is truly a fantastic place to expand your network and gain inspiration for the next step in your career. Believe me: this is a truly special day.

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