THE JULY SOUNDS: Friends don’t let friends dance alone - Curated by PR Agency MARGARET

With Valentine's Day just peeking around the corner, we, at The July, have teamed up with our awesome PR Agency, Margaret, to turn up the volume on love—not just the romantic kind.

The July Sounds - Tunes that are reminding us of our friends handpicked by London-based PR Agency MARGARET.

Love takes center stage in various hues. While romantic relationships often steal the spotlight, there's a unique and irreplaceable bond that deserves its own celebration – the beauty of friendship.

For this edition of 'The July Sounds,' we’re chatting with our PR team in London, Margaret, about the tunes that resonate with the dearest connections they share with their coolest friends. This curated playlist is more than just a collection of songs; it's a musical joyride through the memories, laughter, and all-around good times that define our most beloved friendships. Let's turn up the volume and celebrate the love of all kinds! 

01 Love Plus One by Haircut 100

Amelia Rae Perry, 28, Creative Producer at Margaret 

What is your story behind your tune?

My godsister Edie and her fiance Luke stumbled upon this record in a charity shop once. It brings back memories of their after-parties we used to have at their flat in Finsbury Park. It always makes an appearance whenever we find ourselves back there, or when we head to Broadstairs for our annual summer weekend getaway. We love this record so much that I even went as far as buying them a signed Haircut 100 poster off eBay.

02 Anything But Me by MUNA

Adam, 25,  Culture Team Assistant

What is your story behind your tune?

I saw MUNA live at the end of last summer with some of my closest friends - perfect atmosphere and we all went MAD when this song came on .

03 Call Me by SHY FX and Maverick Sabre

Lucy, 23,  Senior Brand PR Executive 

What is your story behind your tune?

When this song was released me and my friends used to dance to it ALOT at festivals in the Summertime

04 Both of Us by Jayda G

Estelle, 23, Brand PR and Creative Studio Executive 

What is your story behind your tune?

When I was at University in Sheffield, a city in the north of England, one of my best friends who also came from London would drive us there and back during the holidays. As a music lover, he always made sure that each drive was accompanied by a shared playlist and this was my favourite song that featured, simply because it is so uplifting. At the end of University, I went to Lost Village festival with a big group of our friends and we listened to this song played live - under the lit up forest scenery it really summed up the feeling of ‘togetherness’ in the song. 

05 - Bless The Telephone by Labi Siffre

Rob Doyle Kelly, 27, Brand Team Assistant 

What is your story behind your tune?

I’ve moved around from a few cities over the last few years, which has been great but lonely at times. I’m so grateful for my technology making me feel like home isn’t so far away, with friends and family right there with me wherever I am.

06 This Must be the Place by Talking Heads

Becca Graham, 40, Head of Margaret Creative Studio

What is your story behind your tune?

I lived with three of my friends in a big house in Clapton, we’d all met post university in London while interning and moved in together.. we often had dinner parties that turned into proper parties, and this song would often be on the speakers at the end of the night. The lyrics talk about ‘home’ and I think we all felt that in each other we’d found a home and a friend family in the big bad city, lots of fond memories of dancing around the kitchen to this one.

07 Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus

Emma, 44, Co-founder of Margaret 

What is your story behind your tune?

Early in the days of Margaret, my business partner Katy signed up the team to do a 10 hour karaoke marathon for the charity Refugee Action. The entire group was furious at the prospect but dutifully obliged. 10 hours later, we’d had the best day/night ever and did an extra hour for free at the end. I still remember this night of hilarity which included guest vocalists from the wider Margaret friendship group and this song has definitely been revived for karaoke appearances - and some additional back of the taxi crooning - since then.

08 Pumped Up Kicks by Foster The People

José, 27,  Account Director for the Brand Team

What is your story behind your tune?

A very nostalgic song for me, remembering my teenage years back in Derbyshire with school friends, lazy afternoons in the park, outrageous house parties and a lot of GCSE revisions! A great time, with a lot of people I sadly have grown apart from since moving to London 10 years ago.

09 Killing in the Name of by Rage Against the Machine

Katy Louis, 40, Co-founder of Margaret

What is your story behind your tune?
Karen and I have the same birthday (10th August) and for many years we had a big joint party which became quite infamous. Producer and one half of Simian Mobile Disco James Ford was a regular DJ fixture and one particular year he played 'Killing in the Name of' and everyone at the party went crazy - bundling on top of each other, drinks got spilt,  and the red painted floor ended up essentially 'melting' with everyone leaving the party covered in red paint looking like they'd been in a terrible fight.

10 Godspeed by Frank Ocean

Gee, 24, Brand Communications Assistant 

What is your story behind your tune?
I was very fortunate to go to Falmouth University in Cornwall. I lived with seven others in a large house on the sea front. In the summer months all eight of us would go down to the beach right in front of our house. We’d bring a speaker and catch the last bit of the sun. As tradition we’d play Godspeed to see if we could time the end of the song before the sun would set into the sea’s horizon. This song reminds me of joy, warmth and friendship.

11 What's Your Pleasure by Jessie Ware

Alex, 27, part of the comms team

What is your story behind your tune?

I moved to London with two of my closest friends just after lockdown and we used to listed to this song (the whole album to be honest, love u Jessie <3) before going out - it's a lovely reminder of the excitement of finally being able go out again with friends, exploring a new city and making it my home!

12 - HEY by Pixies

Sophia Hammond, 26, Margaret's Curly-Haired Culture Team Member 

What is your story behind your tune?

Everytime this song comes on shuffle my sister and I used to go crazy screaming to the shouty parts of the song. It became ‘our’ song and reminds me of all our good times together <3

13 Better Off Alone by Alice Deejay

Robyn Deane, 24, Senior Account Executive at Margaret 

What is your story behind your tune?

The party scene in Ireland is pretty expansive and I have so many memories of dancing at the end of the night to this song, surrounded by beautiful friends in the wee hours! From partying on the Aran Islands to living it up in Dublin city.

So there you have it. Press play, share the love, and celebrate the magic of friendship through music. Happy listening!

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