Raising Concerns: Upholding Our Values and Safety

At The July, we deeply value the integrity, safety, and well-being of our community. This includes not only our valued guests but also our dedicated employees and stakeholders.

Raising Concerns

Employees and stakeholders are urged to report any suspected violations of the law, The July's values, or The July House Rules.

Initial concerns should be communicated to the line manager orally or in writing for prompt resolution and to maintain an open (working) environment.

If uncomfortable or dissatisfied, concerns can be raised orally or in writing with The July's trusted persons, ensuring confidentiality and advice on next steps. Contact details for trusted person is the following email address: krista.vanderlaan@thejuly.com.

Concerns can also be reported to The July's neutral confidential officer at confidential@thejuly.com for handling and coordination.

Reports of (suspected) violations must be submitted within one year from the start of suspicion.

Employees must report situations or behavior posing high risks to health, safety, or potentially violating laws, risking substantial fines, imprisonment, or significant reputation damage.

Immediate reporting is required for circumstances meeting the criteria above.

Trusted persons and the confidential advisor can be consulted confidentially for advice on concerns, even if no formal report is made.