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  • THE JULY SOUNDS: Friends don’t let friends dance alone - Curated by PR Agency MARGARET

    With Valentine's Day just peeking around the corner, we, at The July, have teamed up with our awesome PR Agency, Margaret, to turn up the volume on love—not just the romantic kind.

    Home Cooking: Potato Pave with Sour Cream & Caviar

    Friends don’t let friends eat alone – especially when there's good food involved. Elevate your home-cooking game with this recipe by Samantha Wolfson.

    In conversation with Stephanie Knoors

    Meet Stephanie Knoors, co-owner of Workmode. Read female-focused co-working spaces around the Netherlands. Her mission? To strengthen the position of women in the (business) landscape


    Whether you're a local or a visitor, this weekend’s read is your insider's guide to discovering Amsterdam like never before. We'll uncover Elba's spots for breakfast, dinner with friends, and where to go for a night out.

    You deserve a break: Spa day at the July - Twenty Eight

    What day is today? Tuesday? Friday? Sunday? Hard to say for sure, but no matter what day it is, it can be turned into a spa day. You don't need to travel to the Middle East to have a spiritual experience.

    THE JULY SOUNDS: Against The Background Curated by Olivier Driessen

    Curated with background vibes in mind by music aficionado Olivier Driessen, Against The Background is the ultimate festive song selection to get you into the perfect holiday mood.


    In Amsterdam looking for the perfect gift? We’ve got you covered. Check our favorite stores to stop by for your loved ones. The best part? They also wrap the gifts for you. Turns out, it feels more like a thoughtful choice than a last-minute grab!


    Meet Charlotte Emily, a local fashion maven deeply connected to Amsterdam's vibrant fabric. She's at the forefront of shaping conversations within the fashion industry through her recently launched podcast, BRAND NEWS.


    While cosy season approaches, the new menu is here and ready to be tasted.

    The July x And The Table: No Dictionary Definition

    Here's your friendly winter reminder that dinner parties make the season cozier. Picture winter warmth served on a plate, transforming strangers into friends.


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