The July is a series of authentic apartment-hotels that connects guests to their surroundings through people, place and purpose. Central to this connection is being a socially responsible company.

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Sustainability at The July

The July is a series of authentic apartment-hotels that connects guests to their surroundings through people, place and purpose. Central to this connection is being a socially responsible company, and that’s what our Positive Impact strategy is all about.

As owner-operators, the buck stops with us. We are in control of our impact and it is our responsibility to do right by our guests, communities, team and planet. We want to be good neighbours and one of our goals is to cut carbon emissions to zero. That’s big, difficult, and sometimes daunting. There’s a lot of noise out there around what’s good and bad, who’s right and wrong. Our task is to cut through the crap, be as pragmatic as possible, and focus on the actions that have the largest positive impact.

We don’t claim to do everything, or do everything perfectly. But we do aspire to be amongst the most responsible hotels in the city: running a zero-carbon operation, sourcing locally, and creating truly sustainable buildings. Doing all of this is only possible when our team has the three essentials to make change happen: power, ambition, inspiration. We hope that our Positive Impact plan laid out here, gives you all three.


Our strategy at The July is centered on positively impacting the well-being of our team, guests, communities, and the planet. We focus on more than just reducing negative impact, we’re aiming to actively contribute to a healthier world.

Planet - Sustainability is integral to our operations, from building our apartment-hotels to policy-making and stakeholder collaboration. We strive to minimise our ecological footprint by optimising water, waste, and energy use, underpinned by obtaining sustainable certifications.

People - We prioritise the health and well-being of our team members, guests, and local communities. This commitment is reflected in our building designs, policies, and operations, ensuring respect for human rights and equal opportunities for all.

Governance - Our Positive Impact strategy is embedded across the organization through structured meetings, policies, and procedures. This ensures that sustainability and ethical practices are at the core of our decision-making and organisational culture.

To effectively realize our Positive Impact Strategy, we've established strategic focus areas that cater to both People and Planet, ensuring a balanced and sustainable approach in all we do.


Team Engagement - We empower our team through personal and professional growth, supported by Personal Development Plans. Annual satisfaction surveys and subsequent departmental improvement plans help us track and enhance this engagement.

Health & Wellbeing - Our apartment-hotels are designed with stakeholder health and wellbeing in mind, optimising ventilation, daylight, thermal, and acoustic comfort. We also promote active lifestyles for guests and team members with a range of benefits such as gym access.

Guest Engagement - We involve guests in our sustainability journey through our website and social media, showcasing initiatives like Hotels for Trees. These efforts are designed to be easy, simple and non-intrusive for guests.

Community Engagement - From construction to operation, we actively participate in community events and encourage interaction with local businesses and environments. Our buildings, distinct and locally rooted, reflect this commitment.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - We ensure equal opportunities for all team members, monitoring our organisation annually to identify improvement areas. Our properties are accessible and welcoming to everyone.

Human Rights - We are committed to supporting and respecting human rights, with policies and procedures in place to prevent violations. Safety for all stakeholders, during construction and operations, is a priority.


Carbon Footprint - Our goal aligns with the Paris Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 ℃, aiming for net zero by 2050. This involves cutting operational carbon emissions to zero and reducing embodied carbon in new assets.

Energy Management - Our energy-efficient apartment-hotels are designed for effective energy monitoring and optimisation. We prioritise renewable electricity and, where feasible, on-site energy generation.

Responsible Supply Chain - We select materials and products conscientiously, aiming to lessen societal and environmental impacts and encouraging suppliers to adopt similar practices.

Climate Adaptation - We integrate climate risk and adaptability into our building designs, ensuring future resilience in our apartment-hotels' operations.

Sustainable Site Selection - Our site choices aim to benefit cities and communities, focusing on brownfield development and existing structures, and ensuring easy public transport access.

Pollution & Waste Reduction - We strive for waste minimization in development and operations, focusing on packaging-free products, efficient waste segregation, and reduced waste transportation.

Water Management - We deploy water-efficient features in our properties and monitor usage to optimise water conservation while maintaining guest comfort.


Our journey in sustainability aligns with the global vision set by the United Nations in 2015 through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 goals provide a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future. They challenge us to end poverty, injustice, and environmental damage, guiding us towards a better, more sustainable path.

At The July, we've embraced this challenge by committing to four specific SDGs that resonate deeply with our values and operations:

SDG 8 - Decent Work and Economic Growth: Recognizing our sector's labour-intensive nature, we focus on productivity, innovation, and supporting small- and medium-sized enterprises. Ensuring labour rights and a safe work environment for our team members is paramount.

SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities: We aim to minimize our environmental impact through effective waste management and CO2 emission reduction, contributing to sustainable cities and positively impacting local communities.

SDG 12 - Responsible Consumption and Production: Our commitment extends to reducing food waste, promoting recycling and responsible chemical use, and implementing sustainable procurement policies to create a sustainable supply chain.

SDG 13 - Climate Action: We're dedicated to aligning with Paris-Proof targets, aiming for net zero by or before 2050. Our buildings are designed to adapt to climate challenges, and we continually raise awareness about sustainability and climate change within our organization.

Sustainability at The July - Boat & Co

The July - Boat & Co has a BREEAM rating of ‘Excellent’ and is eco-friendly to its core. Literally. We built it according to Cradle-to-Cradle principles, using sustainable construction materials that produce zero waste. It’s also based in Houthaven - the first climate-neutral district in the Netherlands. 

Five of Our ‘Think Forever’ Behaviours:

- Linked to Houthaven’s innovative thermal energy storage system for sustainable heating and cooling.

- 424 solar panels on the roof produce a clean and renewable energy source.

- Swill tank stores organic waste to be converted into compost, biodiesel and biogas. 

- 40+ spots for animals to breed and live, and lots of nesting boxes for the birds and bees. 

- Vessel, our restaurant, works with local suppliers and seasonal ingredients to limit our emissions and footprint.

Sustainability at The July - Twenty Eight

THE JULY - Twenty Eight works hard to alleviate and minimise the ecological footprint that comes with design, construction and hospitality maintenance. Much of this, and more, is why we received a Green globe certificate for sustainable entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry.

Four of Our ‘Think Forever’ Behaviours: 

- Our entire roof is filled with solar panels.

- We have adopted smart design features in our new assets including water-efficient fixtures

- An alternative cleaning system reduces our water use and waste.

- We separate waste across the whole apartment-hotel, not just in our honesty bar, allowing for more efficient recycling.