Whether you're a local or a visitor, this weekend’s read is your insider's guide to discovering Amsterdam like never before. We'll uncover Raquel’s spots for breakfast, dinner with friends, and where to go for a night out.

Join us in our new series for the second edition as we spend 48 hours in Amsterdam with professional eater and writer Raquel.

She’s passionate about food and that has led her to launch her own cookbook this month. Raquel is 28 years old and grew up in Eindhoven. Later she moved to Valencia and Utrecht, but ended up in Amsterdam. Besides writing she works as an SEO specialist for 24Kitchen. But that’s just work. Beyond the professional sphere, she’s simply a girl who loves cooking for her friends (leading to a weekly Sunday cookout at her place), interior, great conversations and documentaries.

Join us in uncovering Raquel’s 48-hour neighbourhood guide and hop through the various districts of Amsterdam, mirroring the eclectic mix of influences that shape her unique perspective.

At The July, we believe in finding that perfect mix of work and play, where everything seems doable. What things, activities or habits have you created in your life to keep that perfect balance?

That’s a hard one! Especially since cooking has evolved into my job and my workspace is my personal kitchen. The key to achieving balance, for me, lies in incorporating small moments into my daily life where I can unwind and detach. I've discovered this in my morning routine: waking up, lighting a candle beside my bed, burning palo santo, playing some soft music, and brewing a comforting cup of coffee for myself. Working out is also a way to unwind and refuel for a day of work. 

Whatever your reason is for checking into The July, we’ve got a space and spot to suit every mood and moment of your day. What is your favourite moment of the day?

Morning or late at night. Especially when the kitchen is all cleaned up and I’m in comfortable pants without a bra - haha.


Go-to spot for breakfast

My go to spot for breakfast is for sure Toki (and then go for a duck crêpe after @ Dumplings Westerpark)

Dinner with your friends

Dinner with your date/partner

Hakata Senpachi (I tried gatekeeping, but whatever….)

Drinks, drinks, drinks. Where do you go

Tabak, Kikkie’s, Twee Prinsen, Binnenvisser (but also small bites)

Best croissant in town and how did you discover it

Fort negen! Probably via instagram

Your favourite food and the best spot to get it

Ramen @ Toki 


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