In conversation with Abbi Malbon

Meet Abbi Malbon, Global Audience Development Manager at Condé Nest Traveller, a luxury travel magazine and platform. How does she keep the work-life balance? You’re about to find this out.

In this exclusive series we catch up with Abbi Malbon (Global Aud Dev Condé Nest Traveller) about career growth and insights on how she navigates through life and finds the perfect balance between work and play
  • Can you tell us a little bit more about yourself? Who are you? 

Sure, I'm a London-based audience development manager working for a luxury travel magazine. When I'm not working, I like exploring London's endless markets and restaurants, planning trips with friends and escaping to anywhere sunny. 

  • What do you do in your everyday life? And how did you get there, what is your story? 

I started working for magazines in 2013, as a digital writer, and moved through various roles including fashion and lifestyle editor and SEO manager. When I landed in my current role, I knew it was right for me - the mix of creativity, strategy and - of course - travel feels ideal. 

  • How did you end up in Amsterdam?

I first visited Amsterdam back in 2011 and completely loved it. I revisited around Christmastime in 2018 and again, felt completely at home here. My partner lived in the city for a year when he studied for his Masters degree, so we wanted to return together to share both of our experiences. 

  • How do you feel about Amsterdam? What do you love about it?

Truly, it's one of the cities I always think I could see myself living in. For me, a great city has an instant buzz of excitement about it - that's how I feel about London and Lisbon, two of my favourite places - and I think Amsterdam fits that description, too. I love the artsy, creative vibe, and I always feel inspired by the fashion here. I've been in summer and winter, and it's a place that suits both seasons (although as a summer person, I love seeing the parks and canals come alive in the warmer months).

  • Who travels with you (including pets)?

Usually it's my partner, or I travel solo for work. My favourite thing to do is book a trip with a bunch of friends - the more the merrier - and just spend some proper quality time for them, but I'm not particularly precious about who I travel with. As long as I'm exploring a new place, I'm happy!


  • At The July, we believe in finding that perfect mix of work and play, where everything seems doable. What things, activities, or habits have you incorporated into your life to maintain that perfect balance?

I try to make time for gym classes every week, and I always find cooking to be a good way of de-stressing after a busy time. Honestly, I'm still trying to find the perfect balance. 

  • What is one thing you cannot travel without?

Probably my AirPods. I like to be able to switch off on planes and trains, and the noise canceling feature is super handy for that.

  • What is the most fun part of your Job/life? Can you share an example?

There's no better experience than travel, and to get to do that as part of my job is a real privilege. I've also been lucky enough to work with an incredible team of people that I genuinely enjoy being around, so I consider myself very fortunate in that aspect.

  • What makes you feel at home in a totally different or new place?

I instantly feel at home when I can chat with hotel staff in a relaxed way. To me, good hospitality doesn't necessarily mean something super-formal, but when someone takes time to ask you about your day it can mean a lot, particularly when you're traveling alone. It also helps to be connected to family and friends at all times, so I thank goodness for my phone. 

  • Describe your perfect morning when you’re away from home. What is your ritual?

I like to wake up without an alarm (the dream) and feel the sun coming in through the curtains. Then I'd probably go for a walk around a beautiful park, stop by a bakery to pick up a pastry and enjoy exploring somewhere new.

  • Whatever your reason is for checking into The July, we’ve got a space and spot to suit every mood and moment of your day. What is your favorite moment of the day?

I'm certainly not a morning person, but there is something special about the peace and quiet that comes from an early start. I'm also partial to a great sunset!

  • If you had just had a little more time, what project/activity would you start or pick up again?

I used to dance ballet and tap, and would love to be able to pick that back up.

  • Describe the perfect work / life balance for you

I'm very lucky that work, to me, is fun. I'm also the type who likes to keep busy, so working rarely feels like a chore for me. However, I'd love to have more time to spend travelling with those I love, as that's really key to happiness, in my mind.


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