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We've got your mind and body in mind at The July - Boat & Co, now offering 11 gym classes weekly. Unwind with aroma infused yoga or rev up your energy with high-intensity pilates – the choice is yours.

Getting into the groove of a consistent workout routine is half the battle when it comes to staying active. But what makes it even better? Doing it in a gym that's inviting and not over-crowded. Our gym facility is your answer.

At The July, our gym facility checks all these boxes and more. With two rooms of modern, industrial training space, you can dive into one-on-one personal training, follow your custom program using cutting-edge free weights and Technogym machines, or join one of our many weekly classes – now offering 11 different options, both on the dock ( only in spring and summer) and in the gym itself.

Whether you're seeking workout inspiration or simply looking to diversify your fitness routine, we've curated a week of workouts for you to explore at The July - Boat & Co. From building strength to mastering Pilates or finding tranquillity in a yoga class, we've got you covered. And to top it all off, treat yourself to a refreshing dip in our wellness facilities.

MONDAY: Reformer mat pilates 7 PM

Give your week a dynamic start with a 50-minute Mat Reformer sequence, set to vibrant music that will encourage you to go the extra mile. Featuring ankle weights and pilates sliders, this class will challenge and elevate your physical resilience. Through precise, impactful movements, you'll activate muscle groups you never knew existed, achieving a comprehensive workout that leaves you with a satisfying burn. Don't let this opportunity pass you by – this class is your key to enhanced strength, posture, flexibility, cognitive awareness, and self-confidence.

TUESDAY: Aroma Serenity Flow Yoga 7:15 PM

After a long day full of meetings, step into a Flow Yoga class with the lovely Arianna. Unwind, stretch, and tap into your own bubble in our Aroma Serenity Flow Yoga class. Designed for all levels, this gentle yoga flow enhances flexibility, releases anxiety, and restores your body while enjoying the soothing benefits of aromatherapy. Experience the added dimension of aromatherapy as it enhances your connection to self and deepens your relaxation.⁠ Get ready to indulge in gentle movements that will nourish your entire body. ⁠

WEDNESDAY: Pilates Core Fit 6 PM

Looking for a midweek energy boost? Dive into our Pilates Core Fit class, a dynamic experience that keeps you in constant motion. Discover a range of Pilates exercises that engage all your muscles, with a special emphasis on the core. Get ready to explore strength and flexibility in this revitalising flow, perfectly aligning your body and mind.

THURSDAY: Barre Express 8:15 AM

Immerse yourself in the world of ballet and Pilates, where ballet elegance blends seamlessly with the precision and control of Pilates, all infused with a sport conditioning twist. The end goal? Achieving a toned and well-balanced body.

Embark on a 45-minute dynamic and demanding barre routine, enriched by the use of different props to intensify your workout. This dynamic routine covers leg, arm, and ab series, concluding with an invigorating dynamic stretch. Kick off your day with the ideal barre pick-me-up.

FRIDAY: Energising Yoga Flow 7:15 AM

Rise and Shine with a 45-Minute Energising Yoga Flow that's both dynamic and rejuvenating. This session places a strong emphasis on enhancing your strength and achieving holistic body and mind awareness. Flow gracefully from one posture to the next, guided by your breath. Embrace the perfect blend of strength and flexibility in this energising flow, and step into your day feeling revitalised and prepared to take on anything. The ultimate morning boost!

SATURDAY: High Intensity Pilates 11 AM

Our High-Intensity Pilates Class is a holistic workout experience that merges the core principles of IMove Signature Class Fundamentals with elements of cardio and strength training, resulting in a powerful and dynamic Pilates twist. It's the ultimate fusion of high-intensity, heart-pumping cardio, and the low-impact, body-toning magic of Pilates. In our opinion, it's the perfect recipe to uplift your energy levels and enhance your strength.

SUNDAY: Aroma Yin Yoga 8:30 PM

Discover the art of stillness through our restorative yoga practice, where long-held poses create a space for you to explore inner peace within your body and mind. This practice is designed to soothe areas of tension and tend to the body's connective tissues, promoting openness and tranquillity. Elevating this experience, we infuse the session with high-quality essential oils, skillfully diffused or applied by your instructor. It's the perfect way to bid farewell to your week and prepare for the new week that lies ahead.

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