Meeting & Events at The July - Boat & Co

Host your event at The July - Boat & Co. Perfect for Every Gathering, from Brainstorms to Toasts, in Amsterdam's Houthaven.

Step into Vessel. Picture-perfect spots, innovative cocktails, and snacks-to-stay-for await. Celebrate, create, and connect in our vibrant, inspiring space by the IJ.


You think the brightest ideas were created in boring meeting rooms? Nah, that’s what we thought. Vessel offers space for your not-so-standard meetings and get-to-getters with colleagues. There’s all the necessary AV equipment and unlimited caffeine available.


Celebrating your 30th birthday? Throwing a ‘going-away-to-Buenos-Aires’ party? Or do you want to show off your lover (and engagement ring) during your engagement dinner? Whatever the reason for your celebration, Vessel is the perfect spot.


At Vessel, we believe that all good things in life are meant to be shared. That’s why we’ve created a menu entirely of dishes to share. Expect everything to be surprising yet super pure in its being. No-nonsense, no fuss. Just great food.


40 m²  | Up to 8 people | Let's Meet | Private Dining

Enjoy a delicious drink with friends, colleagues, and family? Our high bar is perfect for refreshing cocktails, a walking dinner, or a break-out session. Would you prefer to savor a sit-down dinner? Everything is possible at Vessel!


45 m² | Up to 18 people | Let's Meet | Private Dining

The Dock Room serves as a meeting room, private dining room or private event space. It’s perfect for a productive meeting or a family dinner to remember. The room fits up to 18 people for seated dinners.


40 m² | Up to 8 people | Let's Meet

You know: creative ideas are not generated in boring, fluorescently lit meeting rooms. The Penthouse is the place for your not-so-standard meeting or creative brainstorming session with a beautiful view over the IJ and unlimited caffeine.


150 m² | Up to 60 people | (Semi-Private) Dinner/Drinks

The Atrium at Vessel is perfectly suited for semi- private group dinners with a direct view on the action from our open kitchen.  Or, what about drinks around the fireplace and catch up parties for up to ±200 people.


125 m² | Up to 75 people | Let's Meet | Private Dining

Great wines, food and vibes are waiting for you! Want to celebrate your anniversary with your loved ones?  Go for The Galley! Enjoy our dishes while watching the mesmerising IJ view.


800 m²  | Up to 300 people | Walking Dinner | drinks

Think: beautiful sunsets, delicious cocktails, fireplaces, relaxed vibes. And, what about a great view over the IJ and the best bites to share? Our terrace is the perfect spot for drinks & endless summer evenings.


Whatever the reason for your celebration, event or informal meeting, we offer great spaces for your festive and creative get-togethers.