Whether you're a local or a visitor, this weekend’s read is your insider's guide to discovering Amsterdam like never before. We'll uncover Elba's spots for breakfast, dinner with friends, and where to go for a night out.

Join us in our new series for the second edition as we spend 48 hours in Amsterdam with fashion creative Elba.

With her origins rooted in the sun-drenched island of St. Maarten, Elba made the move to the Netherlands at the age of 14. The influence of her formative years in the Caribbean is unmistakably reflected in Elba's outspoken and daring personal style. Driven by her passion for fashion design, she relocated to Amsterdam and hasn't looked back since.

Elba possesses a special eye for curation, and knows as no other how to shop and style the best vintage clothing and interior pieces. A delicate and tactile process that is often documented and shared with her devoted online community.

As her own muse and starring in front of the camera, Elba has also a natural talent to capture moments from both sides, exhibiting her magic as a digital creator. 24/7 out on adventures, she is the go-to person for discovering the hidden gems of Amsterdam.

Charmed by the city, Elba found a perfect blend of culture, connection, and safety, making Amsterdam a part of who she is. As a content creator, Elba's everyday life serves as a canvas where she paints her experiences through leisurely walks with friends, exploring new places, trying out different bars and restaurants, immersing herself in museum visits, and capturing moments through her lens.

Join us in uncovering Elba's 48-hour neighbourhood guide and hop through the various districts of Amsterdam, mirroring the eclectic mix of influences that shape her unique perspective.

At The July, we believe in finding that perfect mix of work and play, where everything seems doable. What things, activities or habits have you created in your life to keep that perfect balance?

I absolutely love going for long walks with friends and discovering new places to hang out and try new foods. Museum visits are also a must to stay inspired. And of course, I can't forget about taking pictures and expressing my creativity through the process of making. Whether it's capturing the perfect shot or creating something beautiful yet authentic and true to me.

Whatever your reason is for checking into The July, we’ve got a space and spot to suit every mood and moment of your day. What is your favourite moment of the day?

I would say my favourite time is probably toward the end of the afternoon. There's something magical about it when the sun starts to set and darkness slowly takes over. I love that moment of play between light and darkness.



9:00 AM - Breakfast with an Asian twist at Benji’s 

Start your day full of energy in a peaceful green oasis. Benji’s vibrant atmosphere sets the perfect tone for a day filled with explorations.

11:00 AM - Retail Therapy at Carmen, Velour, and Arket 

After a satisfying breakfast, head to Elba's favourite fashion spots. Explore unique pieces at Carmen and Velour, and don't forget to check out Arket for all your basics with a more budget-friendly approach. Mix your unique finds with some basics to give it a nonchalant twist like Elba.

2:00 PM - A little pick-me-up at Toki or Saint Jean

Elba satisfies her coffee cravings at Toki and Saint-Jean. These coffee spots not only serve excellent brews but also provide a cosy setting in dreamy interiors for catching up with work or friends.

4:00 PM - Me-time along the water

By having grown up on an island, Elba naturally gravitates to spots surrounded by water to make her feel grounded. Take a moment of rest before all the socialising kicks off and enjoy a little waterview by taking the ferry to north via east (Azartplein).

6:00 PM - Dinner with Friends at Goudfazant 

As the day unfolds, call your friends and meet at the Goudfazant for dinner. Cozy and laid-back vibes where food is the centrepiece. This spot is perfect for a relaxed evening filled with fun and good company.

9:00 PM - Drinks Galore at Kikkies 

Continue the fun at Kikkies, where you can unwind with diverse drink options. Whether it's a casual meetup or just the start for a night out, the relaxed vibes and central location make it an ideal spot to socialise and meet up. Want to stay away from the centre? Try Buurtcafé de Tros.


11:00 AM - Post-Night Out Comfort Food at Effendy

If your weekend adventure extends into the night, make Effendy your first spot in the morning for post-night-out comfort food.

10:00 AM - A little laptop session at 4850 

Then, start off your Sunday properly at 4850 in Oost, Elba's preferred workspace. As creative work never fully stops, this coffee spot transforming into a wine bar by night, providing her with the ideal setting to concentrate on her creative endeavours while enjoying a welcoming atmosphere.

1:00 PM - Sweat session at PLTS

Elba maintains her fitness routine with reformer pilates at PLTS. The workouts remain a crucial part of her well-being. And the best part? This location is only 2 min away from The July - Twenty Eight.

4:00 PM - Self-Care Haven at Doki Nails, Glazed Nails Salon, and Rennesence 

Wrap up your weekend with a dose of self-care. Visit Rennesence, your sanctuary for facials and massages, offering a rejuvenating experience tuning out from the city. For a cool it-girl manicure, hop by Doki Nails or Glazed Nails Salon for a pampering nail session. 


6:00 PM - Intimate dinner moments Salmuera

Cap off your weekend with a touch of romance at Salmuera. This restaurant is perfect for intimate evenings with mouth-watering food and candlelight ambiance. Making it a go-to spot to end your sunday on high-note with your partner. Small side note.. Their cocktails are super delicious as well.

Stay tuned for more – additional stories, deeper insights, and a closer look at Amsterdam's uniqueness.. Join us on this ongoing expedition into the cultural wealth and untold stories  of The July, gradually revealing secrets of your favourite locals with each unfolding adventure. While you await more, let Elba’s weekender serve as your guide to uncovering Amsterdam's hidden gems.

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