THE JULY SOUNDS: Against The Background Curated by Olivier Driessen

Curated with background vibes in mind by music aficionado Olivier Driessen, Against The Background is the ultimate festive song selection to get you into the perfect holiday mood.

Introducing: The July Sounds - Tunes handpicked by Our Guests.

Whether you're cooking, setting the table, dancing away in the kitchen, or celebrating the little moments of joy at home during the holidays, @‌olivier_driessen picked something different from the mainstream tracks. He adds a touch of the unknown while creating a sense of relaxation that perfectly embodies The July. Sounds for everyone – yes, even your mother-in-law.

Meet Olivier Driessen, located in Amsterdam South near The July - Twenty Eight. By day, he's a producer at BNN vara (BOOS), keeping folks hooked. However, once the workday concludes, he's all about stumbling onto cool stuff. A self-professed lover of neon aesthetics, Olivier's nightlife escapades in Amsterdam are an intriguing mixture of cool colours, vibrant lights, and captivating tunes. The city, much like his job, is a dynamic playground, constantly evolving and providing an ever-interesting backdrop to his life. The energy of Amsterdam? Yeah, that's his secret sauce; he's totally hooked.

Captivated by Amsterdam, not only for its lively atmosphere but also for the architectural blend of classic and modern styles that effortlessly merge into one another.

When Olivier's not casually exploring the city, he's travelling around the globe, often accompanied by his girlfriend and the ever-faithful Benny, his dog. Berlin's streets are a frequent visit, and when the sun calls, he seamlessly navigates towards tropical hideaways with his friends. The passport stamps might change, but Olivier's love for local adventures and wandering off the path of what we know is a vibe we can always find back in his music.

Thoughtfulness comes across in the little things: Like handwritten notes, our honesty bar or the space we give to weary travellers. Reflecting on the holiday spirit, what stands out as the most thoughtful gesture someone has done for you during Christmas?

As a child, our Christmas tradition involved hitting the slopes for some skiing—a serene way to embrace the festive season surrounded by family. It's like that ideal white Christmas vibe you always hope for.

What is one thing you cannot travel without?

For me, it's my headphones. My small addiction to music and podcasts, especially during the quiet of the night, makes them a must-have on my trips.

And lastly, but most importantly, tell us a bit more about the playlist you have created for us. What's the story behind it, and how does it tap into the holiday vibes?

I'm constantly exploring new music, and I've got this massive playlist where I gather all my usual favourites. However, for this specific playlist, I curated it with background vibes in mind—something different from mainstream tracks, adding a touch of innovation. The goal was to create a playlist that sets the perfect holiday mood. It’s gathered to create a sense of relaxation that perfectly complements the July atmosphere.

Listen to Against The Background here.